Monday, June 14, 2004

Teaching in the Wireless Cloud

As a returning adult student, I can't relate to the desire to chat with friends rather than listen to the professor. I am too serious about my education to risk missing part of the lesson to visit during a lecture. However, as a teacher of teenagers, I can certainly understand the maturity level and mind set of students that would rather visit than learn. The wireless cloud certainly poses a challenge for professors today.

The ability to bring your computer into a building and access the Internet without worrying about connections is great for the student. Even if the student is required by the learning institution to register their computer, time and worry saved later is worth the extra few minutes needed for registration. Often, all computers in a lab are being used, and the student is desperate for a computer. Wireless capabilities solve this problem for the student.

I also appreciate knowing that Tech possesses wireless capabilities in many of the buildings on campus.


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