Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Roaming Computation Tribes

Wow! I feel as though I just read a medical manual overflowing with terminology not recognizable by normal man except all the terminology dealt with technology. Technology is everywhere, but the article goes into great detail concerning several possible areas that technology could be used in the future. Individuals carrying hand-held computing devices would be required to share or sell the usage of such devices while they are walking closely to a company or riding a train.

However, if individuals will be willing to allow others to use their computing devices, the users must be willing to pay for such usage. Currently, the expense and lack of technical set up prevents the examples mentioned in the article from being a reality. Of course, the article does predict a change in those conditions in the next ten years.

If users were willing to pay and the technical deficiencies are corrected, anything could be possible. The article mentioned the benefits to medical research and performing jobs for companies. However, if those activities mentioned in the article are possible, most any idea an individual or company could dream of would be possible.


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