Thursday, June 10, 2004

Possibilities of Digital Film

As we discussed in class, one area of school that digital film can benefit is the yearbook staff. Currently, our yearbook is not done digitally, but the sponsor is planning to change to digital soon. If the yearbook is done using digital pictures, the staff would be able to take an unlimited number of pictures without worrying about the cost of having the pictures developed. Through editing, the staff could pick the pictures to be used in the yearbook and save or delete the others.

Digital film makes field trips so much fun. The students love taking pictures and reviewing those pictures instantly. As a sponsor, I find it fun to watch the students laugh and joke about the pictures. Also, by reviewing immediately, I know if we have missed a picture that we really wanted. We can redo a picture if someone in the group blinked or turned their head. The students can take silly pictures, and we don't have to be concerned with the expense of developing those pictures. I also like being able to copy a set of pictures to a CD for any student that would like a set.

At prom this year, I took lots of pictures. The following Monday, I used the prom pictures as a slide show screen saver on my computer. The students loved being able to see everyone at prom--dancing and posing. Viewing the pictures on the computer was much more fun for them than flipping through a stack of photos and passing them around the classroom which would have been disruptive.

Personal lives are also changed by digital film. Recently, we took a day trip with our children to the Wild Wilderness Safari. Several times that day we checked to make sure we had gotten the shot we wanted--the bull with his head in the truck licking my husband's hand, the monkey taking food out of our hands, or the baby camel nursing. We also did not worry about how many pictures we were taking. We knew we could pick our favorites for their scrapbooks and save the remaining pictures.

Digital film makes taking pictures much more fun and more free. Because the expense of developing all pictures--good and bad--is no longer a factor, we are all more free to snap away and enjoy the camera!


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Digital cameras can do a lot of amazing things. Schools can benefit in all of the ways that you have listed. Kids do get a big kick out of instantly seeing their pictures. I know I have taken the same picture over and over because students didn't like their hair or smile or the picture made their thighs look big. Kids are fun that way!

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