Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Nine Rules for Good Technology

The article was very detailed in listing the nine important rules for good technology and further explaining each of the rules even going so far as to compare with another area of our lives other than technology. For instance, rule four compared the need for technology to be standardized with the need for the automobile industry to be standardized. Also, rule nine compared the need for technology to do what the user wanted with clothing doing what the person wanted --provide warmth or physical flattery.

The article also brought out some very important needs for good technology especially a factor in the educational environment. Good technology is always available. Unfortunately, in the school system, technology is NOT always available. Teachers are required to share equipment. Because of the "sharing", technology is not always on and is not always connected. Time limitations for setup also prevent teachers from using technology more often.

The nine rules listed in the article are definitely items that a consumer should consider prior to purchasing new technology.


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