Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Next Up for Gadgets

Technology can not rest now. People are accustomed to newer and better. A few of the upcoming gadgets seemed very likely to become popular. The Jawbone is one such gadget that could become popular. The advantages of clearer communication and the affordable price range should enable the Jawbone to be a success. The Blue Ray disc is another possible success. However, the price will need to come down, and some time will need to pass between the DVD player replacing the VHS before the public will run out and purchase a HD-DVD.

Other gadgets that may not be a hit are the availability of TiVo over the Internet and the Neorest toilet. When people are away from home, accessibility to their TiVo is normally the last thing on their mind. They are at work, school, vacation, or some type of entertainment event. Even though the self-washing wand is definitely a temptation, the $5,000 price tag will prevent the Neorest toilet from becoming a successful new gadget.


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