Monday, June 07, 2004

The Future of Instructional Technology May Lie in the Children's Tribe

The article poses several issues that are inherent to educating our children. Children now in pre-school and kindergarten will be a challenge to educate during their high school careers. Their familiarity with technology and their ability to manipulate the technology will ensure the need for continued education for teachers.

Currently, our teachers are probably able to hold their own in the primary and elementary level classrooms. However, as a couple of years pass, the need for teachers to receive further education in the area of technology will become more obvious. Teachers at the middle and high school levels will require the same constant technology education.

As the article discussed, children today are familiar with cell phones (appalled that some phones have cords), TiVo, DVD and the ability to manipulate the movie, and plain old television. Children enjoy taking pictures without limitations on the quantity and sharing those pictures immediately with friends. Technology companies have, and for survival purposes, will continue to make the changes necessary in order to challenge the children and maintain their interest. The mouse is one example of product enhancement with the added buttons and wheels. Computers must remain "fun" for children with beeps and bells to keep their interest.

Just as corporations are adapting to the technological advancements of children, schools must do the same. Long term planning will need to take into consideration the portion of the school budget that will be required to maintain adequate technological equipment for the students. Teachers will need to continue their education in the technology area in order to keep up with the advancements and their students. Reality is exactly what the title of the article states, the future of the way we instruct students depends on the knowledge base of our children.


Blogger Matt said...

I agree with everything that you mentioned in your post. Teachers are going to have to be required to continue their technological education simply to keep up with their students. Many teachers, including myself, are not up to speed with advances in technology today and even more so the advances of tomorrow. Technology is evolving everyday and even the most technologically advanced people are going to need to continue training due to the advances being made everyday.
I am glad that you mentioned the schools needing to look into budgeting money for this technology. It is easy to overlook future expenses sometimes and in my opinion it is very important that schools take into account the importance of including technology into their yearly budget.

7:32 AM  
Blogger Melissa said...

I have only been out of school for one semester, and already I worry about falling behind. Schools are going to have to make educating their teachers about new technologies a priority if we are going to keep up. I would like to see schools offer some financial aid for teachers who wish to take college courses. I know some schools do this, and it would be a real incentive to me. I enjoy college classes, and I could see myself taking one or so a year, every year, if I had some financial help. It is too expensive to do on my own.

7:58 AM  

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