Monday, June 14, 2004

Facial Recognition Technology

As a parent, I love the idea of facial recognition technology in schools. Even though I am not in a situation where there are custodial issues, I have friends that are in that situation. What a relief to know that facial recognition could find a child taken by the non-custodial parent when they enrolled the child in school!

If a registered sex offender was posing as a delivery person at the school, the camera would detect the face, and notify the local police. Perhaps a parent in the district is a felon or a registered sex offender; facial recognition technology could help catch the individual.

As a teenager, I remember watching the movie, "I Think My Name Is Stephen", about a young boy who was kidnapped and molested until he was 15. This man registered him in schools as his parent, and the little boy was too scared to tell anyone his real name or that the man was not really his father. If there had been facial recognition technology in the schools, perhaps the boy could have been returned to his true family sooner.


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