Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Essays Graded by Computers

A few years ago, end of level business education tests switched from paper and pencil to computer. This past year was the first time my students were able to test without problems. The first couple of years were a nightmare for the students and me. Everything that could have possibly gone wrong did go wrong. They were not able to log on, the test would lock up, they would complete the test and not receive their score. However, when the test worked smoothly this year, the students were able to take the test, receive their scores immediately, and review the questions they had missed.

Using computers to grade essay questions will pose problems, but after the problems are solved, the speed with which schools and students receive their scores will be wonderful. Even though the aggravation the first couple of tries may seem overwhelming for the student and the teacher, in the long run the switch will be good for all parties involved.

The students enjoyed taking the test on the computer this year. Students liked receiving their scores immediately.


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