Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Discover and Create Your Own Field Trips

Virtual field trips would solve many of the fears and disadvantages of traditional field trips. As a teacher, I fear losing a child, or a child getting injured on a field trip. As a parent of two relatively small children, I am always concerned about adequate supervision. When children remain at school, they are somewhat protected from outside dangers (abduction, auto accident). However, a trip to Little Rock or Hot Springs to visit the zoo or a museum opens the door to dangers not typically associated with campus.

Another disadvantage to traditional field trips is the cost. As the article mentions, there are costs related to notes, permission slips, bus travel, admission, and meals. A large disadvantage for the students in our district is the time taken traveling to the destination site. Much of the day is used riding on the bus--crowded and hot.

Assuming all the disadvantages of traditional field trips, the experience and knowledge gained by the students makes the trip worthwhile. However, if virtual fields trips can give the students the experience and knowledge and eliminate the disadvantages to traditional field trips, what a wonderful improvement for our children.


Blogger Brittany Pyles said...

I think that your insight, especially that coming from a mother, is very powerful. I can see the pros vs. cons from a teaching standpoint of taking students on a live field trip vs. a virtual one. I hadn't thought of the implications this has on parents. Parents do worry, and I'm sure they would love to know that their children could go on a field trip without ever having to leave the classroom. Also, as teachers, we could take our students to so many places that we would never in reality be able to go. I was amazed at the possibilities of this technological use, and I can tell that you were positive about its benefits also.

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