Thursday, June 03, 2004

Chapter 1/Question 6

6. Think about a recent controversial topic that you have heard or read about. What are the different sides arguing about? What do they believe? What assumptions do they make about what is causing the controversy? Where did those beliefs come from?

A controversial topic among parents and communities is the choosing of an All-Star baseball team at early ages (8, 9, and 10 year old children). The supporting side to an All-Star team argues that in order for a community to be competitive at the state level, a team made up of only the best players must be compiled. The opposing side argues that often once a child has been chosen to participate on the All-Star team they are continually chosen even though a later blooming child is now the better athlete. Also, opposers argue about the negative message sent to the players not chosen for the All-Star team.

Supporters for an All-Star team are simply focused on the competitive side of the sport and how the community will appear at a larger competition. Those people opposing an All-Star team are extremely concerned with the emotional effects of choosing such a team has on the children.

Too often coaches and parents get caught up in winning the game and lose sight of the true meaning for their children to play sports. Sports can provide life long friendships, an opportunity to show their Christian values, physical activity that is so important to the health of our youth, and an opportunity to have a lot of fun. For these reasons, the controversy will probably continue between those concerned more with winning and those concerned more with the other aspects of sports.


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